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The Assignment

In honor of Earth Day’s 50th anniversary, create a campaign that will convince Floridians to spend one hour:
• Joining or organizing a neighborhood beach cleanup to pick up trash.

• Volunteering for a sanctuary that rehabilitates marine wildlife.

• Volunteering with one of the many organizations that patrol Florida’s beaches to locate and protect sea turtle nests.

Influencer marketing is a mandatory component of this campaign. Your ability to identify and engage the right influencer(s) will be key to your entry’s success.
Judges will look for creativity and innovation in all elements of the campaign — both consumer and influencer-facing. Arbiters will also pay specific attention to research you’ve done and how it informs your initiative. The creation of digital content to support the entry is highly encouraged and will be considered strongly by judges.

As you create your overall entry, know that judges will be paying very close attention to originality and creativity. The strength of your research will also be paramount.
Quality of writing will be heavily scrutinized, too.