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The Assignment

 A 90s Fashion Reboot

When it comes to jeans these days, the skinnier the better - the skinny jeans trend is still more than holding its own in the fashion world. So much so it’s hard to believe excessively wide-legged jeans were once a staple in every teen’s wardrobe. But they were - in the 90s.

Your assignment: Create a campaign that reintroduces this iconic 90s style of denim as a fashion trend for Gen Z over the next 12 months. Your campaign must include a brand activation, and you must utilize digital channels. Use of TV spots or traditional print channels are not allowed. Influencer marketing is a mandatory component of this campaign. Your ability to identify and engage the right influencer(s) will be key to your entry’s success.

Judges will look for creativity and innovation in all elements of the campaign — both consumer- and influencer-facing. Arbiters will also pay specific attention to research you’ve done and how it informs your initiative. The creation of digital content to support the entry is highly encouraged and will be considered strongly by judges.